Schedule / Pricing

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please contact  Dee Lyon 617-285-5219  to preregister for your class:

Description of classes: please choose your classes appropriate for your level

Beginners classes are geared toward the student who is new to yoga or those who want to enhance their yoga practice.focusing on safe alignment, modifications, and breath work.
All level classes are geared toward the student who has taken yoga or has an active lifestyle.Heated classes are  comfortably  warm – 75 to 85 degrees
Restorative Meditation Yin classes: a relaxed, meditative and mindful practice.
Relaxed yoga poses with the support of props, including bolsters, block, and blankets. Patterns of holding yin/restorative postures, to effectively stretch the fascia body and teachings of meditation and breath techniques.
Absolutely a class for anyone dealing with stress and needs to slow down.
Hatha Yoga: Hatha means the balance of postures, and some classes use hand weights for active toning, a still holding pattern of yoga poses, paying close attention to your alignment and modifications for each body type. a teaching practice of the importance of yogic breathing techniques too.

Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa means flow form of yoga postures.
A more active yoga class, with movement from one posture to another, creating strength, stamina, and balance with salutations and core work.using ujjayi breathing techniques to help quiet the busy mind. Heated to a comfortable 75-85 degrees
light weights are used on Monday eve. 6:00pm class

New Student Teacher classes, Need a break from regularly priced classes,
Only $8.00 drop-in. These classes are conducted by recently certified instructors, who have recently completed the required 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training.Each instructor teaches with a passion to enhance their skills in a  safe and effective manner.and feedback is always welcome.

Any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or text owner
Dee Lyon 617-285-5219